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COMPETITION| Competition

​ The first "Talent Cup" awards ceremony

The goal of the Elite Cup Competition is to facilitate international multicultural development, to promote different ethics, to advance multicultural art exchange, and to display the interactivity of different countries' art education.


It allows artists from China to perform with other artists around the world and helps promote China-Canada cultural exchange.

This competition includes vocal music, instrumental music, dancing, calligraphy, painting, opera, recitation, film and television performances, and martial arts.


This competition is organized by Canada YC Chinese Orchestra Association and supported by City of Richmond . Cooperation units include Canada YC Music Academy.

      The competition adheres to the purpose of inheritance, development, exchange and integration, and aims to Music lovers of all nationalities from all over the world provide opportunities to show their talents, discover talents, cultivate talents, realize the learning and exchange of music works under international multiculturalism, and promote the development of international multiculturalism in Canada.

      The content of the competition includes: Piano, Piano Four Hands, Violin, Viola, cello, classical chamber music, vocal music (solo, ensemble).

      Everyone is welcome to participate.

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