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Canadian International Multicultural Art Festival 2018 2nd Talent Cup Competition Regulations

Activity purpose

      The competition adheres to the purpose of inheritance, development, exchange and integration, and serves the world Music lovers of all nationalities from all over the world provide opportunities to show their talents, discover talents, cultivate talents, realize the learning and exchange of music works under international multiculturalism, and promote the development of international multiculturalism in Canada.


Activity itinerary

On May 29th, the preliminary round of the 2nd Talent Cup Competition, video review.
October 1st, check in.
On October 2, the final.
October 3, expert class.
October 4th, rehearsal.
On October 5th, the performance rehearsal.
On October 6th, the concert of "Tonight's Brilliant New Star".
On October 7th, free at leisure, exploring Vancouver.
Winners of the Vancouver Division of the Chinese National Instrumental Music Group participated in the finals of the 25th American International Music Competition (Stanford University Concert Hall, USA).



Chinese National Instrumental Music (Solo, Ensemble), Piano, Piano IV Hand ensemble, violin, viola, cello, classical chamber music, vocal music (solo, ensemble), competition groups (competitors are classified according to their age on June 1, 2018).

non-professional group

Children's group: under 6 years old
Junior A: Under 12
Junior Group B: Under 18s
Youth Division: Under 24
Adult group: over 25 years old
Occupational group
Occupational Group A: Under 18s
Occupation Group B: under 30 years old


Ensemble Group A: the oldest member is 15 years old or below
Ensemble group B: the oldest member of the group is not less than 15 years old

track requirements

(Accompaniment is required for all instrumental performances except vocals)


Contestants must choose two works from different musical periods, one of which must be traditional.
The total duration of the two pieces for the children's group shall not exceed 12 minutes.
The total duration of the two pieces of other groups shall not exceed 15 minutes.


There are no more than seven people in each group, and there is no restriction on the combination of instruments. There is only one piece of self-selection, and the duration should not exceed 8 minutes.


The 2nd Talent Cup Finals in Vancouver Division
"Tonight's Brilliant New Stars" Award Concert for the Winners--August 12
Preliminary Winners

Participate in the "Brilliant New Star Tonight" concert in Vancouver and issue award certificates.
Winners of the Vancouver Regional Finals

1. The first place in the total score of each major in Western music will receive a bonus of 200 Canadian dollars.
2. For the Chinese National Instrumental Music Group, the first place in the total score will receive a bonus of 500 Canadian dollars.
3. The top three instructors with the total score of each major will receive a reward of 100 Canadian dollars.
4. Winners of the Chinese National Instrumental Music Group are eligible to advance to the finals of the 25th American International Music Competition, and the results are recognized by the Stanford University admission application.
(For details of the 25th American International Music Competition, please go to

Charge Details

Preliminary round (video):   registration fee   100 Canadian dollars.
Vancouver Division Finals: 23,500 RMB.
This fee includes:
Food, lodging, travel activities and insurance in Vancouver from October 1st to October 7th (except tips and consumption during free activities).
This fee does not include:
1. Visa fee for Canada.
2. Round-trip air tickets to Canada.

ways of registration

submit work
1. Contestants upload the recorded video to the designated network platform YOUTUBE.COM; YOUKU.COM
2. Please send the effective video link to:
3. Deadline: May 29, 2018
      _cc781905-5cde-319 4-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Upload video Videos can be recorded with mobile phones, video cameras and other video equipment. The recorded video must be performed by myself, with a clear sound image, a single perspective, and a one-time recording without editing. Those who do not meet the above requirements will be disqualified from the competition.
Deadline: May 29, 2018


General rules of the game

  1. The Competition Organizing Committee has the right to cancel or combine any group of events with less than three applicants.
  2. Those who have won the first place in the competition in the past are not allowed to participate in the competition of the same musical instrument and the same age group, but can advance to the registration.
  3. All videos uploaded to or for the preliminary competition, except for the vocal group, all other solo instruments are not allowed to include accompaniment, and those who violate the rules will be disqualified from the competition.
  4. Contestants must bring the original score on the day of the final (if the score is purchased from the Internet, please attach the proof of purchase sent via the Internet or email), photocopying the score will be considered as a waiver; Chinese music is an exception.
  5. All compositions must be original compositions composed for that particular instrument.
  6. Competitors can register for a variety of instrumental and vocal programs.
  7. After the closing date, no changes to the registered repertoire are allowed.
  8. All finalists must play the complete piece from memory without repetition.
  9. During the finals, due to the time limit, the judges may interrupt the performance of the contestants, but it will not affect the results of the judges.
  10. Teachers who send students to participate in the competition are not allowed to accompany their own students.
  11. If there are no entrants who meet the shortlisted criteria, the judges have the right to determine the vacancy of the award.
  12. All judging decisions cannot be changed. Participants and their parents or guardians shall not have any objection to the final decision of the judges; if any discussion with the judges is found, the contestants or winners will be disqualified from the event.
  13. Reviewers do not provide comments.
  14. In the event of a tie, the winners of the tie will each receive a trophy and share the prize equally.
  15. The repertoire to be played by the first prize winner at the winners' concert will be designated by the judges.
  16. Winners will receive their trophies and certificates at the Winners Concert Awards Ceremony. If you are unable to attend, you can request to mail it. The organizer will decide the procedures and postage - CAD 30 per award within Canada, and CAD 50 per award outside Canada.
  17. The organizer Yingcai Conservatory of Music has the right to record, use, reproduce and disclose the video materials of the finals and winners' concerts.
  18. Each entrant and parent agrees to waive any legal action against the rights and actions of Elite Music Academy and related personnel.


competition judges

The competition employs well-known musicians at home and abroad to form the jury. The jury has the final evaluation right for each round of the competition.


Supporting unit: Government of Richmond, BC, Canada
Sponsor: Canadian Chinese Music Association of Excellence
Organizer: Canada Elite Conservatory of Music

For details, please consult the Canadian Elite Music Academy

contact number
contact address
2360/2335-8888 Odlin Cr. Richmond, BC, Canada
contact email
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