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ECC Rules and Regulations - Piano

  1. Contestants may follow the RCM syllabus 2015 or RCM syllabus 2008.

  2. Only Contestants from "Concert Groups", "Age Groups", and "Challenge Groups" may enter the Final Elite Cup Competition; winners of other groups will be awarded a corresponding certificate in the Festival Gala Concert on 31 July, 2016.

  3. Contestants may not use the same piece for different classes/ entries

  4. Contestants are only allowed to enter grade(s) equivalent to the examination level they obtained or above.

  5. If contestants choose to play a Mozart's Sonata, they must enter the "Mozart Sonata Challenge". This also apply to Beethoven's Sonata and Bach's Prelude and Fugue.

  6. Classes by age contestants may choose any pieces listed in the RCM piano syllabi from 2008 or 2015.



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